DAYS EYE is a line of hand made ceramics by Barrie, Ontario, Canada based artist Heather Long. Created using coil and slab building techniques, a softly pinched texture is left behind in Heather's work, highlighting human touch and the beauty in imperfection. Elements of nature and play inspire these unique sculptural and functional clay works.

Days Eye Ceramics have been featured in The Globe and Mail Style Guide (2021), Chatelaine Magazine Gift Guide (2022) and Simon's Fabrique 1840 (2022-current).


Each piece is hand built using various types of stoneware. Since items are created by hand and many are one of a kind, size, shape and colour may vary slightly from piece to piece. Food safe glaze is always used on tableware such as bowls, plates and mugs. Hand washing is recommended for all ceramic wares to give them the longest life possible!